Hey there! I'm Jonathan.

I’m a self-driven entrepreneur, developer, and constantly learning student who is passionate about quality and solving complex problems.

Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Computing degree in Software Engineering at the University of Guelph.
I'm also minoring in Business. Expected graduation date April 2021.
I have worked on multiple programming projects - small and large - both individually or as part of a group. Recently, I landed head-first into mobile automation testing. I enjoy working in a team, you'll learn faster and much more. As the saying goes: “It takes two flints to make a fire”.
I've been coding since I was 13 years old. Check out this cool game I developed with my buddy in the 10th grade.
I'm multilingual. I'm fluent in English (surprise!), and I can also speak Russian and Hebrew (and a tad of French).
Hobbies? I've got a couple; I'm an avid skier, and I DJ sometimes. I also try to travel every chance I get!